So this is Everyday Minerals. I use this product on pretty much a daily basis. It’s my one thing that I have to have in my make up bag. I honestly prefer mineral make up over pressed powder, just because you have more choices with minerals. Though, the bad side to minerals is that it gets super messy, super quick. There is a cap lock to this product, but it gets messy anyways.

The really nice thing about this thing compared to Bare Minerals is that it doesn’t have bismuth oxychloride. Which is a chemical that can sometimes irritate and cause more acne for some women. 

This comes in semi-matte, matte, it base and original glo. Semi-matte just means that it’s kinda sparkly, which gives you a nice glow but it’s not too much. Matte is no sparkles whatsoever, I’m not sure about the ‘it base’. This is a new product since they’ve discontinued their intensive base and original glo will give you a summery glow all year round.

I use Golden Medium: semi-matte and it’s the best thing, ever. Also, they always let you have free samples! Which is always a big plus. I think all you pay is shipping and it’s like 2 bucks. 


Oh and it’s super long lasting. I work at Chuck E. Cheese and sometimes I have to go into the costume and I sweat like a pig in there. But my face just stays the same. LOL.

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